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No Limit Expeditions Schedule & Pricing

Custom Expeditions
No Limit Expeditions | by Angela Brown
August 16, 2011

Leave civilization behind as you enter the world of the Maya with No Limit Expeditions.  Walk among temples and ruins seldom seen by the outside world.  Experience the thrill of traversing jungle tracks and the sense of accomplishment when reaching these remote locations deep within the Petén. With professional guidance and expedition equipped Land Rovers you have the ability to explore the densest rainforest north of the Amazon.

Mayan Artifact

Relax in safari style camps nestled in the jungle amongst the ruins.  Each evening reflect on the day’s excitement while our chef prepares gourmet meals with fresh local ingredients.  Awake in your tent to the sounds of the surrounding wildlife, exotic birds and Howler monkeys calling in the distance.

Offering 4-7 Day Expeditions from $250 per person/per day.  Contact for availability.


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